VR for everyone.

We are enabling everyone to create and enjoy virtual reality through Vicarious, a VR toolset and publishing platform focused on immersive storytelling via new and legacy media formats. Our design-forward tools put the spotlight on your content, allowing you to freely express yourself in VR. 

Vicarious is a powerful medium, and everyone will be able to take part.

JM Yujuico

Founder / CEO

Vicarious is founded by JM Yujuico, a long time entrepreneur in business process outsourcing, mobile apps, and most recently international commercial mixed use real estate development.  He is a science fiction fanatic, lover of mid-century modern architecture, media and technology.


Alex Chu

Co-Founder / Design

The former head of design at Samsung Research in Dallas, Alex helped create Gear VR and designed Milk VR. After 12 years in technology, architecture, and design, Alex promotes a critical examination of how VR works and the role it can play in our future.