Now anyone can easily share VR experiences through Vicarious.

(San Francisco, CA) Vicarious, Inc. is happy to announce the launch of Vicarious, a social media app for Daydream by Google, which lets users share and experience each other’s lives through multimedia stories. It’s currently available and featured on Google Play.

Vicarious marries the most ubiquitous digital behavior in the world, sharing photos and videos, with the coolest part of VR, the ability to perceive the experience of another.  With Vicarious, people can create and share uniquely personal stories through 2D photos and videos, 360 photos, text, and audio.  Each of these elements alone can be captivating; but the real power of Vicarious comes from combining them in a fun, new, and different way.  

Vicarious is a VR app where people can create and consume, but it’s also a full-featured 2D mobile app as well, making it one of the first truly hybrid apps for Daydream.  Because of this, Vicarious bridges the mainstream behavioral patterns and technologies of today with the promising future of VR.  In doing so, Vicarious is well poised to give both access to and ownership in VR to everyone.  “As a practical matter, Vicarious is the only app that lets you create and share moments of your life in VR in a matter of seconds,” said JM Yujuico, Founder & CEO, “At scale, you should be able to jump into Vicarious and experience anyone’s unique human experience; actors, athletes, politicians, rock stars and see the world through their eyes.”                                                                                     

Life is a series of moments that make a person who they are.  By using life’s most intimate captured moments, Vicarious empowers the world to share, understand and live vicariously through one another in VR.

Company Origins

In the summer of 2015, Vicarious Founder and CEO, JM Yujuico, and Co-Founder and Head of product, Alex Chu set out to connect people vicariously through the power of VR. Friends for 15 years, it was serendipity that revealed a common passion for VR and the experience needed to build a successful company. JM, a three-time entrepreneur and Alex, the former UX/UI design lead for Samsung VR, were perfectly suited to be the CEO and Head of Product, respectively.  Together, they continue to find success as friends, founders, and proponents of the democratization of VR for all.

“For VR to reach scale, it needs to be relevant to the mainstream,” said Alex Chu, Head of Product, “and Vicarious is a fun and natural extension of what people are already doing in their daily lives.  We’re just getting started.  Stuff coming down the pipe is awesome.”


Vicarious is now available for Daydream-ready phones and can be downloaded on Google Play.

In the coming weeks and months look for feature updates, expanded media support, and other platforms and devices.