Vicarious Hits iOS


It's finally here. Vicarious has launched on iOS!!!

Literally every time we'd go to a meeting, convention, or demo, people would inevitably be like, "Great. Let me download it." as they pulled out their iPhone. Up until the 15th we'd have to tell them, "Just wait. It's coming soon."

Well those days are over because now we can proudly tell people to go ahead and download it from the App Store. Moreover, it's let us start some exciting new initiatives with some Featured Creators and Student Ambassadors who are creating amazing content to entertain and inspire our users. (More about that in the days to come).

On the technical side, The port to iOS required making a ton of changes to different components that were originally developed for Android, but thanks to Unity's multi-platform compatibility we didn't need to completely rebuild everything. Of course, ports comes with some quirky bugs, but we're ironing more and more out everyday, and we're going to try to stick to a 2 week upgrade schedule, where each upgrade brings new features and more stability.