Campus Ambassadorship

We're seeking Campus Ambassadors for Vicarious, a 360 social media app that empowers people to share their life in virtual reality or regular mobile.  Check out a teaser video of our app here.

The ideal candidate must be enrolled in higher education, have a deep understanding of social media, an established social media presence, proven skills as a community organizer, and charisma. 

The responsibilities of the role: 

  1. PLAY with the app and provided equipment.
  2. SHARE the app with your friends and community.
  3. CREATE campus initiatives that help promote Vicarious.
  4. GIVE feedback to the founders and other Ambassadors.

If selected, you'll receive a 360 camera to use during the ambassadorship, guidance on how to create compelling content, and a $400/month stipend. Then it is up to you to create and share your life the way you want to.

To apply for the unique opportunity to be a Vicarious Campus Ambassador, fill out the form below. 

Thanks and good luck!

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If you have any other questions, please contact us at

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