Hello World

The first time I tried modern Virtual Reality, I was blown away.  Like many others, I immediately saw the power of the medium for expression, storytelling, empathy, and communication.  But content creation in VR is difficult.  Vicarious is born out of my desire to build a platform where anyone can easily create and share their stories so that they can be experienced in the most rich and powerful way ever. 


Traditional media (photos, videos, text, audio) in VR is amazing.  Spherical photos and videos can only be consumed in VR to be appreciated.  The world is full of fantastic storytellers working with these existing media types.  Vicarious is empowering this community with tools that make it easy to express it’s self in VR.  Our team is working hard and we know that with your help our efforts will lead to the creation of an incredible new content type.  We have already seen people use our tool to create a comic book where you are teleported into the panel of the comic, a family vacation album where you are taken back to experience the vacation again, a multi-media interactive magazine story that puts you into the shoes of avalanche survivors and much more.  Folks emotionally connect with our early experimental content and marvel at how easy it is to create with our tool.  This is just the beginning and the possibilities for storytelling and engagement are endless. 


Vicarious knows you want to create in VR.  We know that our tools leverage the power of VR to make your media even more incredible.  From the emotionally compelling, multipage interactive multimedia stories to silly VR memes, early users have used our tool to make a wide range of VR content.  We are excited to see what the community continues to create! 

Please email us at info@vicariousvr.com if you have any questions or feedback.  We’ll do our best to get back to you guys as quickly as possible! You can also check out this blog to find news about Vicarious, our thoughts about and challenges with VR development, and more. 

Thanks and enjoy!

- JM Yujuico, Vicarious Founder and CEO